Lubbock or Leave it

It turns out that the famous song, "Happiness is Lubbock, Texas in my rearview mirror," is NOT necessarily how I feel. I will miss the place that has been my home for that past five years, but I am more excited about my unknown future in the City of New York. To the left is a picture of my adorable house in Lubbock. I will always consider it my adobe casita!

This past weekend, I moved back home to Dallas, and for the past week I have been struggling to find a place to hide or rather store my life in my parents house for the next two years. I made a lot of progress at the beginning of the week by cleaning my room of the items that I have labeled B.C. (Before College). Most of what was thrown away or will be sold in our upcoming garage sale left me wondering why I had kept so much junk from High School. But I'm just glad that I had enough common sense to get rid of it now.

For those of you who don't already know, I'm moving to New York City to attend Columbia University. I will be a post graduate student in the Graduate School for Architecture, Planning, and Preservation or the GSAPP for short. I am studying Historic Preservation, which is the fulfillment of my educational goal. I got my Bachelors and Masters degree in Architecture from Texas Tech. This next degree will be a Master of Science, which is not quite a Ph.D., but it is more prestigious than a Masters. I know that I AM insane for wanting to go through another two years of school, but I can't help it.

Today I got to see my little sis that I haven't seen in forever, Kassie, and she brought her nephew Austin, who is so adorable, and he looks just like his daddy. I am soo proud of the woman that Kassie has become, but she will always be my little sister. I can see God working in her life, and I know that she is continuing to trust him. Way to go Kas, I love you!

And tomorrow I get to see my other sister (this one is biological), Angela, she is a senior at Oklahoma University majoring in Journalism. We are going to have a super fun weekend in OK, just pray that I don't get OU cooties! Just kidding sooners.

I just might be getting the hang of this blog thing, I figured it would be the easiest way for people to keep up with me while I'm in NYC. Until next time...



Anonymous said...

Hey, get infor and fun to see. I can't wait to see more and follow NYC,
Linda Lou Who

chris said...

That song ends with the words "and now happiness is Lubbock, Texas, growing nearer and dearer." Best of luck in NYC...it's a great place.