Selling my Childhood

The picture to the left is from my trip to Oklahoma last weekend to visit my sister, Angie. She was kind enough to take a road trip with me up to Bartlesville, OK to make a pilgrimage of sorts. I went to see Frank Llyod Wright's only skyscrapper to ever be built. It was awesome. For those of you kids who don't know who FLW is, just Google him. The Price Tower is called, "The tree that escaped the forest," because when it was built in 1959, it was one of the only tall structures in the area. Angie and I decided that since we were driving two hours to a place we had never been before, we should look up places to visit besides FLW's tower. We ended up having lunch at a cute Coffee Shop with great Foccacia bread sandwhiches, and later had ice cream floats in Dewy, OK. We also found a great natural soap shop called The Red Dirt Soap Company in Bartlesville. Look them up online at http://www.reddirtsoap.com , all of their soaps smell wonderful. I personally bought the Rose silk fragerance.

Angie and I also drove to Kansas during our crazy adventures in Oklahoma, just to say that we did, and because the Kansas border is only 16 miles from Bartlesville. It was hilarious, we took our pictures by the Kansas and Oklahoma welcome signs. FYI: Caney, KS is pretty dull, we couldn't even find any good Kansas merchandise to prove we had been there. I guess the pictures will have to do.

Overall, I had fun in Oklahoma hanging out in Norman with my sis and her friends. I felt like they adopted me. I cherish anytime I get to spend with my sister. And yes Angie, Jason is your twin, so now I have that brother I've always wanted!

Today was the BIG Garage Sale here at home in Red Oak. Mom and I woke up at 6am to put everything out before the bargain hunters hit. Thankfully, our neighbors were also having a sale, so our street probably attracted more people than it would have if it had just been us. The day was pretty successful, but we still have some things left to donate to a nice charity. It was hard to let go of so many things that were tied to my childhood in Red Oak, but getting rid of things now means that I can get more new stuff when my two years in New York are finished! Now that the BIG sale is out of the way, I can focus on accomplishing things that need to be done before I move to New York.

But...seeing as how my life can never slow down, tomorrow I've got a planning meeting for my 5-year High School Reunion. I'm just hoping that we will actually get something scheduled by the end of the meeting. Progress needs to be made, but it is only the first meeting. I'm only anxious because I want to contribute before I move and it becomes harder to get things accomplished. Until next time...



Sarah said...

Woohoo! I get to be your first commenter. I look forward to more entries!

Tricia said...

Hello my dear! How's NY? I miss you! By the way, welcome to the blogging world!!!