The Dalai Lama and Rem Koolhaus

Today I heard the Dalai Lama speak at Columbia while I was at work, the perks seem endless at this point. He did not speak for very long, but he did speak about how the Tibetian people are peaceful and compassionate. I have wanted to read his book, and this gives me even more motivation when I get time to read for fun. On Friday I went to a discussion where Rem Koolhaus, our Dean Mark Wigley, and another guy were promoting their latest installment of their magazine, Volume. The discussion was on "Power," very abstract if you ask me, and I think all three are full of it. I did, however, appreciate their comments on Bush, no matter how left they were. The pictures below are from a party I went to in Brooklyn at my friend Chris' house. His rooftop has an excellent view of the City. The picture with all the girls are just a few of the 30 total in my class. There are only three guys in the first year of Historic Preservation. Crazy, I know, but everyone is very sweet, and we are getting along fine. Until next time...


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sarah said...

WOW, the Dalai Lama? I guess working there really has its perks! That is awesome!

I think the Brooklyn angle of the Manhattan skyline is underappreciated. Call me crazy, but I think it looks kinda futuristic. :)