The Two Old Men That Live in the Basement

Today was my first Thursday of classes, which happens to be my long day. I have class from 9am-6pm with only an hour break for lunch. I survived. It was also the first day of studio. Our studio is located in the basement of Fayerweather where the only windows look out onto a brickwall of the next building or a busy street. I opted to sit next to the window with the street. The picture to the left is of the two old men that live in the hallway outside our studio. I was quite surprised to meet them on the way to the bathroom, but they are harmless. In fact I think they are probably very wise. Now it is time to sleep after a little assigned reading.
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Anonymous said...

Excellent posts! I didn't realize how cool the building was you work in, and how appropriate it is for you. :) Good to hear the adjustments are going well, love you from your little sis!