(Oops, I Forgot a Title)

Howdy, sorry for the delay between posts, but I have been crazy busy over the last two weeks, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. The picture is from last weekend when a few friends and I went to an Indian restaurant in the East Village called Milon. It is a tiny place, but the whole interior is covered with lights. They also play music from Baliwood that makes you want to dance. From left to right are Cleary, Chris, and Marissa. It turns out that this is the place to have your birthday party because they turn on a disco ball and flash all the lights in the whole place while playing a Baliwood version of the Happy Birthday Song. It was so hilarious that I took a video with my digital camera. Next time you see me, ask me to show you, it is fun.

This past Friday I went to the Nickel Creek concert at the Nokia Theater on Times Square. They are an awesome Bluegrass band for those of you who do not know. I went with other Bluegrass lovers from my program. We had a great time just being out of Studio, and of course the music was great. I can't wait to get their new CD. Everyone should check out their opening act Leona Ness because she is a great new female artist.

Saturday I got to see family that was in town for a conference. Teena and Aunt Jenny picked me up in a limo and we toured the city in the rain. It was such a yucky day and I felt bad that they had to endure it, but we had fun together and seeing the City by car was ideal. We ate together at the Jekyll and Hyde Club, which is a "theme park" kind of restaurant with live entertainment. Picture a haunted house turned into a restaurant. I really enjoyed it even if it was a little silly. I was mainly glad to see faces that I know and love! It was so sweet of them to come and take me out, I really appreciated it!

Oh and good news, my professors really dug my pin-up presentation on Friday and they suggested that everyone use mine as an example for the next pin-up! Yeah, that made my day! Until next time...



Tricia said...

I'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to see Nickel Creek, aren't they wonderful?

Sarah said...

Oh man, I MUST see this restaurant! Bollywood takes up a good 20-30% of my brain space these days! ;)