The End is in Sight

Tomorrow I make my final presentation in studio. The picture to the left is the building I will be presenting, I call it "The Jewel of 14th Street." I think it will be ok. So far my 10 minute presentation has been about 7-8 when I have practiced it. I will feel a lot better when it is over sometime around 3pm. After that I have to write the paper over it due on Thursday. I have never written so many papers in one semester, I do not even want to attempt to calculate the number of pages I have written. I think it is a little unnecessary! That is why many of my closest friends back home have not heard from me, and though it is no excuse, I feel awful, and can't wait to be home and redeem myself. I fly out on Friday, and will be in Dallas at approximately 5:45pm. I will be making various trips all over the state to visit important people, you know who you are. Call me and maybe I will add you to the list! Right now, I'm about to get into bed and dream about Texas, where maybe there will be no snow by the time I arrive! Until next time...


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sarah said...

Only a few more hours to go! Good luck on the presentation! I hope I'm on the list ;)