Home Sweet Home

It's great to be back in Texas! I'm hangin out with the family for a whole month, and most of you are thinking, A WHOLE MONTH, but really, when you like your family its fun. Sunday started out with the usual trip to Nanny's house, where I put up her Christmas decorations to give her some Christmas cheer. She's 80, and can't do it for herself anymore, so I was glad to help. In the afternoon we went to the farm to help Dad work on the new barn. This is a shot I took of him adding the trim work to the eave. Later that night we got our Christmas tree, which I might add is the prettiest one we've had in a a few years. Pictures to come as soon as it is decorated. Today I slept 'til 1:00pm because there is no clock in my room, thankfully mom has fixed that problem. I mailed my Christmas cards and made Chicken pot pie for dinner for the family. I also got quite a bit done on my portfolio, this one has to get me an internship, so it has to be good. Suggestions are welcomed when I get a draft printed. Maybe I'll post some of the pages for comments on here. I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season and spending some time relaxing by the fire. Until next time...


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