Making Time for Fun

School has been so crazy that I have not had time to update, sorry. My halloween costume was a success and we went to the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village that night. We decided that next year we will be in it so that we can see more than we did this year.

Here is my top ten list of costumes that I saw:

10. Political campaigner holding a sign that said Bush/Cheney 2008 on one side and the other side said "And you thought Kerry was scary?"

9. The Gay Pride Band's Flag Corp each dressed as a clergy member of the Catholic Church.

8. Two guys each dressed as the Pope, skipping down the street, stopping in front of us to make out.

7. Gumby and Pokey

6. Candy Corn: A guy wearing an orange jail jumpsuit, and a candy corn colored sock hat with a sign on his back that said, "I'm one corny candy"

5. Bush with a giant globe tossing it up into the air as he passed and laughing.

4. A group of people dressed as "The Gates" exhibit from Central Park.

3. Club bouncers wearing black, holding clip boards and checking random people in the crowd to see if they were on the list. One guy's shirt said VIP and another's said "Are you on the list?" The third guy was carrying the velvet rope.

2. Guy dressed as Kikoman Soy Sauce Bottle, his date was the sushi

1. I-pod (So creative)

If you can't tell from my list, there was a lot of political commentary that I enjoyed. It is so nice to live in a place where you can discuss politics with people who feel the same as you do!

Did I mention that school has been hellacious, the work is easier, but the work load is just as intense as architecture school. My friends and I try to make time to have fun when we can.

I went to my Five Year High School reunion at the beginning of November and I saw four people that I really wanted to see and then ended up leaving after two hours. But it was worth it because I probably would have not gotten to see those people otherwise. That same weekend we had my Nanny's 80th Birthday Party and I got to see my sister, Aunt and cousins including Aunty Kimmy.

So since I had just been home, for Thanksgiving I went to Orono, Maine with my friend Chris from school to stay with his family because it was cheaper than a plane ticket. They were very sweet and made me feel like one of the family. It was a very nice and relaxing week that was very much needed. The picture above is taken from the dock of their lake house, gorgeous. I didn't want to leave. It was my first time to Maine in the winter and it snowed the whole time. Chris was a great tour guide and a real sweetheart. If he ever remembers to send a cute picture of us on the dock I will post it.

A group of us tried to go ice skating at Rockefeller Center last Friday night, but they were having a private party, so we went to the Trailer Park Lounge for dinner instead (You Texans would feel right at home here). We are going to attempt to go skating again on Tuesday before finals activities get too out of hand. Right now I'm trying to stay sane by listening to the all-Christmas Music station, while working on my final studio project that is due on Sunday.

I'll be home in Dallas on Friday, December 16, and I plan on making trips all over the state during my break to visit all my buddies. I think that everyone I love should move to NYC and share this cool experience with me.

Until next time...


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