You asked for it

Hey kids, I know I've been slacking on the blog this semester, but when you're in a studio where the assignment is a group project with 30 people in your group, things get a little out of control. But I have had a lot of fun along the way. Two weeks ago we went to Newport, Rohde Island, on a field trip for my history class. We toured all the huge "cottages" as they're called, owned by the Vanderbilts and such. I love getting to see all the architecture I've studied in school in real life. McKim, Mead, & White's Isaac Bell House was my favorite. I've also been working on a independent study project with my friend Cleary for the Village of Nyack, NY, about an hour north by bus. We are reconnecting their downtown with the waterfront on the Hudson River with a History Trail, of which I designed the historical markers. The clients loved them!! So that's really exciting. Also we just finished presenting that 30 person project for studio last Thursday, and it was a huge success. It is a preservation plan for 14th Street in NYC. The professors and critics raved about it. Monday is our last class, and Wednesday I have a history paper due. Then I'm putting together the End-of-the-year show with some friends for our studio. It's a school wide exhibit for the architecture kids to show off their work. Should be really great if we can pull it off before Friday. I leave for Dallas on Thursday though to see Angie graduate from OU. Wowo, she's so grown up, and looks like she might have a real job before me. Good news for all you Texas readers, Angela and I will be in San Antonio over the summer. We both got internships there, and we didn't even plan it. We are both really excited to spend some much needed quality time together! I will be working for the architecture firm, Ford Powell & Carson, under the preservation architect. Woohooo! Then I have one more year here in the City for school, and after that, who knows! Well it's late, and I should probably sleep before tomorrow sneaks up on me anymore than it has. Much paper writing to be had in the morning before dinner with friends in the evening. I saw Friends with Money tonight with Cleary, and it was good, a little depressing, but it turned out for the best. The picture above is of the portion of our class that went to Newport, I can now scratch Rohde Island off my list. My goal is to see all 50 states before I die, and I mean really see them, not just pass through the airport. oh and speaking of travel, there is a very good possibility that I will get to go to Caracas, Venezuela, and Spain next year! I am so excited! Until next time...



Anonymous said...

If you go to Venezuela and Spain before the girl that has spent the past four years studying the Hispanic culture, I think I might cry...BUT I will be happy for you when you're there, and maybe I can pass on some of the knowledge I know about the regions. I'm super excited about our summer together! :)

sarah said...

Woohoo! I am SO coming to visit you in SA :)

thanks for the update, chica ;)