King William

I'm obsessed with the King William Historic District here in San Antonio. I vow to live there one day, but since the houses are going for $700,000 currently, there's no telling when that will be. Better start saving now. The houses are amazing, and it's a culturally hip neighborhood full of galleries, fun restaurants and bars. Two descriptions here: Last Friday all the 20-something girls in my office went out to Madhatter's Tea House for lunch. It is so cute and full of character with crooked shelves and giant colored top hats decorating the interior. Angela and I went to Blue Star Brewing Co. on Monday night where we sampled a couple of the beers and had yummy food. It is in the middle of an artist's community surrounded by several galleries and working studios. The Brewery itself also houses a bike shop upstairs and a large outdoor deck with misters to keep people cool in the hot Texas sun. I can't wait 'til next Friday when King William hosts their First Friday, which is when all the galleries and restaurants break out into the street for a festival of sorts. Fun should be had. The picture I've included is of Mission Concepcion, built in the 1750s. It is one of my main projects at work if you read my previous post. I tried to post it before, but I think my earlier post was way to long to hold the image. Until next time...


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sarah said...

It sounds like so much fun. I had no idea there was so much artsy-ness in San Antonio! :)