Return to the City: Part Two

I made it back into the City around 1:00 am Monday morning after several agonizing plane delays . The picture to the left is taken from my window seat as we waited in the long line to take-off.

I realized several things today:

1. I have not yet used my "Tough New York Face." I'm still happy and smiley to those I meet on the street. I think it is more obvious that I am not from around here when I act like this. I like feeling cheery, but I suspect that my happiness can also be atributed to the fact that classes have not started. I still feel like a normal human being and not a tired student.

2. When the City removes sidewalk bridges from buildings that have previously been covered for months, it makes it harder to know where you are. I was walking down Broadway, when I suddenly realized I was passing a building that had been covered by scaffolding before I left. I didn't even recognize this section of the street until I saw Koronet Pizza, which used to be hidden by the scaffolding. Another note of the subject, they finally got the sidewalk bridge off of my apartment building right before I went to Texas for the summer, yippeee!! Now if they'd only take it off of my building's triplet next door!

3. I also noticed today that my name is the only one on the mailbox currently! My old roommates names have been removed, and my new ones have yet to be added. I selfishly like that way! I'll try to snap a picture before the Super gets his label maker out.

I'm tired, so I'm turning in. It's been a long day of organizing, grocery shopping, and getting my hair cut. I even mopped my bedroom floor! Until next time...


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