Organization Day

Today I finished up getting organized for school by completing a stack of filing I have had since last year, paying bills, doing more laundry, and buying spirals for each of my classes. I also ran some errands on campus.

Tonight I went to dinner with three other gals at a local Japanese restaurant called Tomo. I had already eaten, so I just had green tea. I wanted to get out of the apartment, and it was fun to just sit and chat.

Tomorrow I leave for the Country to spend the weekend at my friend Olivia's family farm in Upstate New York. It is supposed to rain the whole time, but at least I will be out of the City to enjoy the last weekend of summer (oh, and we get to take the train, exciting!).

The picture is of the Belgian Block Street outside Chris' old apartment in Brooklyn Heights taken yesterday during the move. Until next time...


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sarah joy said...

Ooh, a New York farm? Take pictures, pretty please :)