Picnic in the Park at Dusk

I know, I know, I haven't posted in awhile, but I promise to do better. School is busy with thesis and classes, but I'm hangin in there. This week we leave for Mexico to visit our site for Design Workshop. I'm calling it my vacation! Look for some good pictures to be posted when I return. For now I'll just post some pictures I took from Friday. We had a picnic in Central Park for Cleary and Robert's birthdays. It was so much fun, but they made us leave when it got dark. BOO! The first picture is Cleary, my roomie. The second is our view from the picnic blanket. The other pics are from outside my apartment later that night. I sat on the stoop to enjoy the cool breeze before going up to the apartment. Until next time...


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sarah m said...

I love your photos! Glad to see you get to escape for some fun every once in a while. :)