A New York Experience

Tonight was one of those nights, a truly New York experience. Imagine you and seven of your friends hauling huge pieces of a loft bed 10 blocks in Manhattan. That was me tonight. I so wish I has my camera on me, but since I was going to be lifting things, I left my purse at home. :( It was so hilarious, all the people in the restaurants were watching us as we passed. It would have made a good video to post on YouTube. I'll post a few more Mexico pics since most of you have not seen them. Until next time...


The girls buying street food the first day.

Old woman stitting on stairs outside the Cathedral.

Candles inside the Cathedral.

Probably my favorite picture from the trip, handmade bricks.

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sarah joy said...

Hehe, that sounds like fun. Definitely a NY college experience, to be sure. :)

Awesome pics - it's amazing how foreign a country so close to us can seem.