Quilting with Kitty

Long day...very tired...but being creative always relaxes me! Woke up early to be at the office by 7:30 to load up 1,500 cans, etc. for the 2010 CANstruction build day at North Star Mall. This year our awesome team built one BIG Ass CANata (donkey pinata) that we named Relampago (Spanish for Lightning). He turned out very cute and we surrounded him with lots of cans disguised as candy spilling from his belly. See the photo below.

I treated myself to a mani/pedi after running a few errands and then headed home for a Sunday afternoon nap. Woke up and decided to get a little work done to have a jump on the coming week, but then it was time to do what I wanted - QUILT! I'm working on a lap quilt for my three year old cousin Camden, the coolest toddler I know! This quilt was inspired by a great camouflage-frog fabric that I decided to combine with various patterns in shades of green. I think it turned out better than I expected and I machine quilted it with straight horizontal lines. I'm hand stitching the binding and of course if I'm quilting, Stella wants to be right there. Tonight as I reclined, she sat on my chest and I covered her with the quilt and proceeded to stitch behind her head so she wouldn't try to eat the thread. This is not the most comfortable way to quilt, but she is so sweet, I can't resist her being so snuggly! Speaking of snuggly, time to head toward the bed. Ciao!

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Angela said...

Always using your creativity! I love it.