mmmm Strawberries!

This Saturday is the Sit 'N' Sew meeting of the San Antonio Mod Quilt Guild and I wanted to have a cute pin cushion bracelet to take along with me; 1. for a functional reason - to have convenient access to pins when sewing, and 2. it's a cute sewing accessory for the modern girl! I didn't have a pattern, but improvised the whole design along the way as an adventure. Quilts have to be so planned out, that I wanted to approach this project in a less structured way, like I would any other art project. Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits and I've seen some cute strawberry pin cushions out there, but none as a bracelet, although I bet they exist somewhere. The next accessory I'm working on is a cupcake pin cushion for sitting on the table, which is proving so far to be harder to improvise, but I will conquer it! *Ciao!

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