Sunday Stash

These beauties are helping to expand my gray stash for that future TBD project.  I picked these up on Friday at the Quilt Haus in New Braunfels and everything I have heard about this place is true!  It is big and has a great selection of modern fabrics.  Most of these grays came from their sale room where I also picked up a Hello Betty honey bun for 30% off.

I also finished the top for Magnolia's baby quilt last week, the first born of one of my oldest friends Ryan and his wife Amy.  This is a design I created during a conference call at work, you know the kind, where you have to listen and don't have to say much.  I'll post more details when I get it quilted as I just finished the back tonight and plan to get the sandwich made this week and hopefully quilting by next weekend.  I hope everyone has a productive week.  *Ciao

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