Little Quilts

Now that Christmas is over, I can show you some of the gifts I made.  First are two doll quilts for two very sweet girls, my cousins Casey and Grace.  Like most girls their age, they love the American Girl dolls, so these quilts are approximately 20"x24", a little larger than the normal doll quilt.  I usually don't like to use pre-cuts because I like to put together my own collection of colors and prints, but for things like this they work in a pinch.  I chose Moda's Sugar Pop Charm pack because I thought tween girls would like the bright colors and floral patterns.  First up, Casey's quilt is 2" finished squares with a 2" white boarder.  The backing is a pink flannel I had left over from the backing of a baby quilt.

Next is Grace's quilt, which also has 2" finished squares, but for this one I added 1/2" sashing between the blocks so that it would be different, but similar to Casey's.   I have a sister and I remember when we had matching toys, we would get into fights when we got them mixed up, so I wanted to be sure they could tell them apart.  For both quilts I finished the binding on the machine (my first attempt at this) because I was in a hurry, but I still prefer hand finishing at this point.  Maybe with practice I will learn to like it better.  It does save time.  The back of Grace's quilt is a modern lime green pattern left over from Camden's quilt.  I thought it went well with the Sugar Pop fabrics.  

I still have some outstanding Christmas gifts to finish, but they shouldn't take that long to complete. So many projects, so little time.  Happy New Year.

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