I love thread!

I love thread almost as much as I love fabric.  I love searching through all the colors to find the perfect one to compliment my projects.  I try to always use an all natural cotton thread; Gutermann is my favorite, but they do not make a ton of colors in natural cotton.  I was so excited to find that JoAnn's carries 800m  spools of the basic colors like black and white as shown in the photo above.  I felt like I hit the thread jackpot!  It's sad, but I was really giddy, but if you know me I tend to be giddy a lot.  The over-use of exclamation points in my blog posts might just give that away though.

I've had a very productive sewing weekend so far.  I purchased oodles of fabric at JoAnn's last night (major sale) and at Las Colchas today (all Moda fabrics $4.99/yd.).  I finished quilting Magnolia's baby quilt at the sew-in and even made the binding.

Last week I finished whip stitching the binding on Casey's baby quilt and embroidered the label on the back.  I plan to take pictures of this one in the morning, so stay tuned.

There's only one day left before the work week starts, so make it count!

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