Sew-in: Binding Edition

I spent most of my day at the SA Modern Quilt Guild Sew-in where I worked on attaching the binding to Casey's baby quilt.  I had the perfect red polka dot fat quarter in my stash that goes perfectly with the 30's fabrics.  I could not be happier with how the whole quilt has turned out.  I had such a great time sewing and chatting with Loretta, another guild member who has a great artistic eye when it comes to picking fabrics and patterns for her designs.  I am always inspired by the women in our guild!  I even got to meet a male quilter who is a patron of the shop where we meet.  He was very interesting to talk to because I am always curious about how men get into quilting.  He had brought in a vintage 1930's Singer that he bought at a local flea market.  He's having it repaired and it turns out it is a larger version of the one I won at the Austin Quilt Show several months back.  AND!  One of the women who works at the shop teaches classes on how to use and maintenance your vintage machine, hooray!

After lunch I went to the Salvation Army by my house.  I have several projects in mind that would require used clothing, but I wasn't in the mood to commit to any of the things I saw.  I did purchase some vintage jewelry to deconstruct and repurpose into new pieces.  Making jewelry is another hobby of mine that you may not know about.  I have made a lot of the pieces that I wear almost daily.  

It has been raining all day, the perfect day for sewing.  Stella crawled up in my lap this evening while I was hand stitching the binding.  She's so sweet when she's sleepy.  Stay tuned for the weekly stash update tomorrow, I have made my first fabric purchase of 2011.  So much fabric, so little time...

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Charlsie said...

Hey your quilt is super cute!! (I saw the link on facebook) Great job!

I sewed some aprons for Christmas presents this year and they turned out pretty good considering it was my first time to really sew anything. It's such a fun hobby! Although quilting seems so much more difficult.

I'm going to link your blog to mine if that's okay so I can see what else you make. But I absolutely love the quilt!!

Take care,