Sunday Stash: Week 1

I decided it might be fun to participate in the official Sunday Stash reports that are happening out there in the blogosphere.  I got the basics from here if you're not familiar, but I altered it a little to suit me.  I promise nothing with this other than I will attempt to report each Sunday and hopefully with a picture.  I'm curious to see over a year's time how much fabric I take in verses how much I use to create fun things.  Nothing to report this week since it was a short week, although I did order some coveted Echino red scooter fabric on Friday, which was technically last year.  I thought this fabric was gone forever, but then by accident I found it on formandfabric.com.  I splurged and got 2 whole yards, and we won't discuss how much that cost me, but hey it's from Japan, and I've been coveting it forever!  I'll post pictures when it comes in.

Week 1:
In this Week:
 0 yards
Out this Week: 0 yards

In year to Date:
0 yards
Out Year to Date:
0 yards
Net for 2011: 0 yards

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