Sunday Stash: Week 3

After a little research last night I discovered that my Antique Singer was built in 1923!  Very cool.  After inspecting it a little closer, the electrical wiring is totally corroded, so it would definitely have to be redone if I ever wanted to use it.  It might be worth getting it looked at just to see what it would take to get it going.  I think it could be fun to hear it run like it did in 1923.  One day I will get around to photographing it.

Yesterday I picked up these pretties at Las Colchas.  No immediate plans for any of it, but I want to make a yellow and red quilt one day and so I couldn't resist this red remnant with the yellow flowers.  It looks like a vintage table cloth.  I had to have the 30's purple print and the multi-dots by Alexander Henry (my favorite fabric designer!) and Loretta and I both grabbed this Asian print, but she got it in beige.  I think it will look nice with my favorite parasol print that I have left over from the Geisha table runner.

Now for the Stash report: I am basically finished with Casey's baby quilt, or I will be before next week, so I'm counting it as done to counter act my purchases!  Hey, I'm still in the black.

Week 3:
In this Week:
 -3.5 yards
Out this Week: 4.25 yards
In year to Date: 
-3.5 yards
Out Year to Date:
 4.25 yards
Net for 2011: .75 yards

I hit the Goodwill downtown today, but it was a bust.  They had a nice jewelry box for auction with lots of nice pieces, but the auction ended on Friday.  I hope you all have a great week, here's another shot of Stella sleeping while I stitch.

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