Sunday Stash: Week 10

Nothing new in or out this week for the Stash Report, but I did want to show you the lovely bowls I got today at the SA Potter's Guild Charity Event called Empty Bowls.  You buy the bowl and they fill it up with the soup of your choice and the money goes to benefit the SAMMinistries, which serves our local homeless population.  I went with my friend Jen and it was a beautiful day to be outside at the Southwest School along the River where the event was.  I'm in love with the three bowls I got!

I also wanted to share my latest score from this month's meeting of the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild.  We had a sale of patterns, books, magazines, and basically anything people were tired of looking at related to sewing and all proceeds go towards our retreat fund.  I purchased this bag by the very talented and creative Loretta.  All I have to do it sew in the lining and attach the straps, which came with the package.  She free motion quilted the circled and the side pockets are quilted in a diamond pattern with turquoise thread.  Stella seems to like it too!

Stash Report:

Week 10:
In this Week: 
-0 yards    
Out this Week: 0 yards
In year to Date:
 -75.75 yards
Out Year to Date: 
8.75 yards
Net for 2011: -67 yards

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