Hello World

Remember me?!  Maybe not, but I remember you.  I've been busy, quilting, traveling, and there's that day job that gets in the way of all my fun!

I finished Rachel's baby quilt just in time for the shower along with the cutest bib and booties!   I have the quilt back in my possession to put the label on and to take some proper photographs, but in the mean time I've included a picture of the top before I quilted it.  Rachel even cried when she opened my gift, so sweet. I love her dearly.  The baby was born on June 14th and they named her Ruby Jane.  I love the name!

I finally finished organizing my stash into my Granny's chest of drawers and I am so happy with it all in one place.

I have big plans for this weekend, quilting, cleaning, and studying for my next registration exam, four more to go.  Tonight, I plan to watch Friday Night Lights and get some long over due hand sewing done.


Charlsie said...

The bib and booties are so cute! You could totally sell that online or on etsy!

Danielle said...

The bib and booties are so darn cute. Love them!!

Toni Owens said...

Seriously, do you really keep your fabric that neat?!!

Megan Riley said...

I love the bib and booties. And could you come and help me organize, or at least tidy? Your fabric chest is wonderful. Megan