Turtle Watching

Stella and I are turtle sitting for the next door neighbor while she's on vacation.  It's been fun watching him swim and sunbathe on his floating rock, and last night I let Stella onto the counter to check him out (normally she is not allowed on the kitchen cabinets).  I have caught her staring at him several times from the ground, so I thought I would let her get a better view.  Those rocks on the counter are what I have been using for added security on top of the lid just in case she somehow finds her way onto the counter, but it is a little too tall for her to jump onto.

On Sunday I made a couple of drool bibs for my new baby cousin who I get to see this weekend!!  One is made from a cute Asian print I have been saving for something special and the other is a purple patchwork I whipped up really quick.  I actually made a second out of the Asian print for Ruby Jane, which I hope to give to her this week when Rachel brings her to the office.  I really had an assembly line going, a baby bib sweat shop!

My most exciting news is my new thread storage container!  (I know...I am a big nerd who gets excited about organization!)  I got it on sale at JoAnn's and I am in love!  Most of the thread I have in my stash is borrowed (stolen) from my mom, sorry mom!  When I do have to purchase thread, I like to work with Gutterman 100% cotton unless there is a specific color they do not have.  I am in the process of slowly organizing my studio as the funds permit and I have my eye on some additional containers to store works in progress, but I'm waiting for them to go on sale.

Other weekend fun included going a little shoe crazy at DSW.  I went in for the flip flops and came out with the red Michael Kors and the Steve Madden's!  I love me some Steve Madden!

I hope your week is off to a good start, mine can only get better as my vacation gets closer!!

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