Project Modern Challenge #4

Ok, it's done!  I hit the send button and submitted my entry for Project Modern's Challenge #4.  Project Modern is put together by the Modern Quilt Guild for members from all over the world to submit quilts based on the challenge theme.  The prize is fame and fortune, well maybe not, but it is a bundle of quilting goodies, and all entries are posted on flickr.  Here's my entry, description first:

I’ve been searching for my own voice in modern quilting for the last several years and I can finally say that I’ve found it.  This 49" x 46" quilt entitled “Linda’s Roses” expresses my love of bold colors and my affinity for designing free-styled quilts.  I’ve had the concept for this quilt floating around in my head for several months and this challenge gave me the push to execute it.  The women in my family love the color purple and so when my cousin recently gave birth to a little girl, I wanted to make her a purple baby quilt.  My cousin had purple roses in her wedding bouquet, so I decided I would create abstracted purple roses for her new baby. 

The roses were created by piecing random strips of various shades of purple around a lighter shade of violet, which formed the center of each rose.  I tried not to think too much when piecing the strips so the roses would develop naturally.  I chose a gray background so that the roses would really stand out and then quilted random spirals on top of each rose and straight lines in the gray background.  Everything about this quilt is random, even the way I pieced the gray background created a random shape that I fell in love with.  I will definitely be making more roses in the future because the process is so freeing and the end result is so wonderful.

And then a couple of in-process photos, and yes, I forgot my walking foot, what was I thinking?? I guess I wasn't!  How could I forget one of my favorite attachments?!


Danielle said...

Allison, it's amazing! I am in love with it. I want to make a bouquet of roses quilt. All in shades of "geranium." Everything from red to orange to pink. Teach the class, and I'll sign up.

Jessi said...

OMG I am in love! So creative- now you need to demo or teach a class on how to make the roses?

Loretta said...

all those designs swimming in your head late at night came together. It looks so modern.I am so happy for you.

Laurie Brainerd said...

When you do find out about this one...my favorite among many favorites of your work.