San Antonio Quilt Show Re-cap

Mom came to town last weekend and we headed to the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild Bi-Yearly Show. The theme was "Call to Colors," so there were red white and blue quilts everywhere!  Overall we enjoyed ourselves and were inspired by some of the quilts we saw.  It didn't seem like there were as many quilts as two years ago and the vendors didn't have much to offer.  There was really only one booth offering modern fabric for sale and my favorite local quilt shop didn't even bring any fabric to the show!  I was so looking forward to raiding their booth.  I only took a few photos of the more interesting quilts, but I didn't take down names, so if you know who the artists are, please let me know and I will give them credit.  My favorite is the first one below!  

In other related news, I'm planning to attend the Houston International Quilt Festival for the first time this year!  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

This was my favorite in the art quilt category, which probably has something to do with my desire to get a tattoo, but I'm too chicken to really go through with it!

I thought this was a fun pattern!  Reminds me of a basket weave tile floor.

It's a given that the preservation architect would love the quilt featuring the adobe churches of New Mexico!  

And the cat quilt!  I've been wanting to do a mini portrait quilt of Stella for a long time.

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