Quiltcon Entry #1: zigzigzag

Well now that the deadline for Quiltcon has passed, I can get back to blogging.  I am so happy with how this quilt turned out, and I have been dying to share it with the interwebs, but I could not risk it before the deadline.  So without further ado, I present my first Quiltcon entry entitled zigzigzag:

My dear friend, fellow Hot Tamale, and sister wife (just kidding), Danielle of NachoMama's Quilt did the amazing quilting that completed my vision and enhanced the design ten fold!  I am so lucky to get to collaborate with her on my large quilts.  She always offers great suggestions for design and thread colors!

Here is the 100 word statement I submitted with my entry:

My design was inspired by the recent popularity of chevron patterns in modern quilting, but I wanted to break-up the rhythm of the pattern by splashing a chaotic zig zag across the quilt. This king-sized quilt includes 324 half-square triangle blocks that I laid out on the design wall and then began to add the lime green zig zag until I came up with a design I was happy with.  Even the quilting of a floral vine in the lime green zig zag goes against the grain of the rhythmic quilting chosen for the rest of the quilt.  

Later this week I'll post about my second Quiltcon entry.


Kristen said...

this looks great! and I'm amazed at the quilting patterns. Nice work to the both of you!

Robin Haralambous said...

I saw this quilt at QuiltCon and it is beautiful. Can you tell me what that fabric on teh back is? I loved it too.