A Walking Foot Will Change Your Life

I’m a believer that a walking foot will change your life! Tonight I proved that to my mom by helping her via iphone install one on her 1911 Singer Sewing Machine.  If you’ve never tried one, get online right now and order one to fit your machine!  Your sewing experience will never be the same.  The walking foot has top-side feed dogs that work in tandem with the lower feed dogs on your machine.  Together they feed the fabric, top and bottom layers, through the machine evenly.  Life Changing!  If you have a walking foot, you know what I’m talking about.  Some quilters, once they start sewing with a walking foot, never go back to their standard foot, but me, I still use my ¼” foot for piecing, though for thicker fabrics and all straight-line quilting, it’s the walking foot all the way!  Above is a photo of my “Made in Japan” generic walking foot for my vintage Kenmore machine (the Stitch Witch). Happy Sewing!


Anna said...

I agree 100%! I love WF and use it all the time. I was just thinking how useful it is last night when I was making burp cloths for my friends. Great post!

Kelly said...

I must be doing something wrong because I cannot stand mine!

Szmceachern said...

It is invaluable....I treat it with love!