Modern Christmas Tree Mini Quilt

If you are looking for one more handmade project for the Christmas season, here is a pattern that is quick, easy and super fun!  I wrote this pattern up last year for the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild as our December Block of the Month.  It is based on a similar design I saw on flickr that I decided needed to be made into a mini quilt.  See below for the credit.

Finished Size –  15 ½” x 12” approximately

Credits: Based on Providence Handmade’s Patchwork Tree 


TREE:                          7 Green scrap strips between 2”-8” long by 1 ½”-2 ½” tall

TRUNK:                        1 ½” x 3” Brown scrap

STAR:                          2” x 2” Yellow scrap

BACKGROUND:           1 Fat Quarter (I used linen)

BATTING:                    17 ½” x 14” piece of batting

BACKING:                    1 fat quarter

BINDING:                      4 ½” x WOF to make 65” of binding (I use 2 ¼” strips to make my binding)
       Note: There are several great tutorials online for making binding.


1. Read through all of the instructions.

2. All seams are ¼” unless otherwise noted.


1. Cut a wonky star from the 2” x 2” yellow scrap; it helps to draw the star first with tailor’s chalk.

2. From the background fabric, cut the following:
12 1/2” x 1 ½” strip
12 ½” x 4” strip
Two 6” x 3” strips
Fourteen 6” long strips by the height of each green strip, which varies (two 6” strips of background fabric per green strip)

3. Cut a 19 ½” x 16” piece from the backing fabric.


1. Arrange your green strips into a scrappy stacked tree, play with the strips until you find a layout you are happy with.  Take a picture with your phone so that you can remember the order you like best.

2. Sew a 6” long x 3” tall background strip to each side of the brown trunk piece.

3. Sew a 6” long background strip to each end of your seven green strips.

4. Sew all of the green strips and the trunk strip together to make your tree, being careful to center the strips on top of each other when sewing, use pins!  The background strips will be all different lengths, but don’t worry, you will trim this in the next step.

5. Trim the block down to 12 ½” to even up the background strips, but make sure to measure from the center point of your longest green strip so that the tree is centered in the block.

6. Sew the 12 ½” x 1 ½” background strip to the bottom of the block.

7. Sew the 12 ½” x 4” background strip to the top of the block.

8. Machine appliqué the star to the top of the tree on the 12 ½” x 4” background strip you just pieced.  I top-stitched mine to leave the edges raw.


1. Make your quilt sandwich: Place the backing right-side-down.  Center the batting on top of the backing.  Center the tree block on top of the batting with the right-side-up.  Use safety pins to baste the quilt sandwich.

2. Quilt the mini quilt in the pattern of your choice, I chose straight lines ¼” apart.


1. Make and prepare your binding.  Machine stitch the binding to the top of the mini quilt.  

2. Trim away the excess batting and backing fabric along the edge of the nesting doll.

3. Fold the binding to the back of the mini quilt and hand stitch it down.

4. If you choose, you can add a sleeve to the back for hanging on the wall.  My friend Laurie has the very best tutorial on the web for making a quilt sleeve.  You can find it here

5. Congrats!  Your Modern Christmas Tree Mini Quilt is complete! 

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Emma Barrus said...


I am friends with Patty Villarreal and a member of the mod quilting guild.

She passed away yesterday morning after a brief illness.

There is a rosary on Dec. 27.