15 Minutes of Play Workshop

If you ever have the opportunity to take a class with Victoria Findlay Wolfe, don't hesitate!  It is worth every penny and more.  First, and maybe most important, she just might be the nicest person you will ever meet!  Second, she approaches quilt design from an artist's perspective, but her work is firmly rooted in tradition.  This results in a truly Modern aesthetic.  Her quilts are like no other, and have to be seen in person to be believed.  My description will in no way do them justice, but if Jackson Pollack was reincarnated as a quilter, he must be Victoria!

Our guild, the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild, hosted Victoria for three full days of fun.  The weekend started Thursday night with a lecture and trunk show for the guild, followed by a full day workshop on both Friday and Saturday.  I took the Saturday class and it was held at the beautiful campus of the West Texas Episcopal Diocese.  The workshop featured Victoria's "15 minutes of play" technique, which is also the topic of her book by the same name.  We started by creating what she calls "made fabric" using our scrap bins.  Then she showed us how to use templates to cut the "made fabric" and pair it with other fabrics to create unique quilt designs.

I am on a hexie kick right now, so I cut my "made fabric" using Victoria's hexie template and then surrounded them with solid black and Essex yarn dyed linen, which really makes the bright hexies the focus of the design.  I can't wait to make a ton more and finish the quilt!  Victoria said I need to make a king sized quilt, little did she know I am a notorious king sized quilt maker!  I like big quilts!

Throughout the day she would stop and demo different techniques and short-cuts that were so simple and useful.  We were all blown away by the amount of information she shared with us.  It was amazing!  Look closely in the picture above of her giving a demo and you will see she is wearing my two Quiltcon 2015 pins I gave her.  Like me, she "likes big blocks and she cannot lie!"  The rotary cutter is also her best friend, so I thought my "I will cut you" pin was fitting.

She also demoed her double wedding ring templates and showed us how easy it is to create abstracted double wedding rings with "made fabric."  Her quilt "Double Edged Love" that won best-in-show at the first Quiltcon in 2013 uses this technique and might be the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen!  A true work of art!  This technique is definitely on my quilt bucket list.

Our guild was very fortunate to have Victoria and everyone raved about both the lecture and the workshops.  I would definitely take another workshop from Victoria and I highly recommend her to other guilds!

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